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1. How do I purchase Plaspanel?
Phone us at 1-800-449-6344 or 402-729-4004 and one of our knowledgeable representatives will assist you.

2. Where is Plaspanel shipped from?
We are located in the heart of the Midwest, Fairbury Nebraska. We also have warehousing and distribution sites throughout the US. Call for a shipping quote.

3. Are special tools needed to work with Plaspanel?
No special tools are needed, you can work our panels with hand saw, drill or any standard working tools you already have on hand.

4. Is the material easy to maintain?
Plaspanel is virtually maintenance free. You can clean it with any household cleaner.

5. Can it be welded?
Yes. Standard HDPE welding rods can be used.

6. Will sunshine break the plastic down?
We use the highest UV inhibitor package available to ensure your product lasts for years.

7. Do you have a minimum order amount?
No! we welcome any orders. However, price does go down as quantity goes up.

8. Can this be used for decking, is it slippery when wet?
Plastic is slippery when wet but we do offer different textures to minimize slickness.

9. Can you paint Plaspanel?
There is no need! We offer a variety of colors and can match on a special order basis. Paint does not adhere to HDPE.