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Welding of Plaspanel sheets is similar to welding normal virgin polyethylene (PE) – the same welding rods, welding guns and techniques should be used. Plaspanel is a foamed material and does
not require as much direct heat as required with virgin material, however normal welding temperatures should be used.

Weld Rod

Use HDPE welding rod (LDPE can also be used).

Welding Guns

Both hot air guns and extrusion welders can be used. It is advisableto use tacking tip with the hot air welding guns to tack sheets prior to welding.

Welding Method

When joining sheets together along the length or width using a butt weld joint, both edges and sides of the sheet should be bevelled using a router, plane or saw – refer Figure 1. The depth of the bevel is governed by the thickness of material and type of welding gun being used. When butt-welding, tack weld the sheets together in the vee created by the bevelling process – refer Figure 2. Weld in the vee following normal welding techniques for PE and if using thick material or small diameter weld rod you may need to run several welds into the vee section to complete welds – refer Figure 2