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Fixing and Installation

Plaspanel multi-purpose panels can be drilled, routed or sawn with standard wood working tools. Consideration should be given to thermal movement of the panel during installation as the panel can expand approximately ¼ inch along the 96 inch dimension over a temperature change of 100°F. Screw holes should be drilled oversized to allow for movement. The greater the hole diameter, provided the panel is still fastened securely, the better the installation. Satisfactory adhesive bonds can not generally be achieved with panels made from polyethylene (PE).

Material Safety Data

All work with these panels should be carried out in such a way as to minimize the generation of shavings and fines. Excessive levels of shavings and fines may present a slippage hazard on hard surfaces. Safety glasses and a replaceable filter or disposable half face respirator should be worn when machining.


Keep panels away from sources of heat, flame or sparks, and stored flat and fully supported.


Plaspanel can not be painted with conventional paint systems.


The manufacturing process not only produces panels from plastic waste but the panels can themselves be recycled. Off-cuts and general waste material should be placed in containers separate from other waste for recycling.

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